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Eye Of The Eagle - text


Mother nature comforts us
Embraces to her breast
Fields of gold and icy plains
We feel her great caress
Cocooned by earthly majesty
A cosmic jewel in time
Surrounded by a giving sun
It's good to be alive
Pasture lands and silver streams
Finger through the land
Magnify the hopes and dreams
Moving living sand
Canyons wind and trembled winds
Mountains touch the sky
It's nature's breath we all depend
It's good to be alive
Oh - the eye of the eagle
Oh - finds it all
Oh - the eye of the eagle
Oh - sees it all
Sounds of silence fill the air
A diamond in your palm
The elements in harmony
Innocent and calm
So stand alone and touch the stars
Heaven will be kind
Feel the love of brotherhood
So good to be alive
Towering woods of dignity
Oceans giving birth
Arose a host of energy
A hail to mother earth
Never blind the eagles' eyes
Keep wind beneath their wings
Living free and soaring high
Good to be alive

Text přidal Geralt

Video přidala Kikhush

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