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A Cry Of A Nation - text


Some think crazy - some think not
Live in a world - madness won't stop
Downturn legacy - bottomless well
Stop the rot - before we land in hell

Cash flow, backhand - cream the lot
Dirty business - from the crooks on top
Sky's the limit - devil's underhand
They're digging in deep - we better make a stand

Money to burn - will they ever learn

A cry of a nation - it's nof what we need
A cry of a nation - a global misery
A human tragedy - wny don't you see
A cry of a nation

Double fees - zillionaires
Blindfold deals - hell - nobody cares
Man on a station - falls down to his knees
Broken and busted - cries: Salvation please

[Spoken part:]
Good evening
And more important news on the global meltdown
The governments of the world, today, have issued the following statement
All persons with 2 million (of their local currency or less) yes, that's less!
Must report to their local euthanasia department for disposal
Women and children first.
You heard it first on channel meltdown goodnight.

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