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International - text

let me go i´m international(3x)
more than that i´m multicultural
let me go i´m international(3x)
more than that i´m multicultural

officer you don´t know where i´m from
this makes u feel and think that i´m a criminal
mr. officer i´m proud and strong
i`m from there tell me where you`re from
in egypt they call me german
in germany they call me egyptian
when i go to spain i`m one of them
here me say i`m international
in berlin they call me bavarian
mama say don`t you forget that you`re a tunisian
live in czech republic as a musician
the whole world is the place where i`m coming from


to all my immigrant workers from the sixties
i´m feeling you cause you came in peace
i´m feeling you my parents shared your dreams
we all grew up internationally

lets celebrate one aim one goal one destiny
lets celebrate one heart one love for peace
for all my people out there in the streets
from amsterdam berlin prague or paris
for all my refugees in big cities
we all worked hard for our destiny
so mr officer you still wanna know
where i`m from
i`m from anywhere your from


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