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Busy - text

people always call me mr unavailable
no time fi chat
no time fi laugh
you say you´re always busy
but busy doing what
busy with my business
busy with my business
busy with my business

i´m busy
more busy than p.diddy
too busy
even for a quicky
what a pitty
girl me love your
no no no
no time fi sleeping
no time fi breathing
cause music buissnes takes 168 hours weekly
it´s like a jungle sometimes
it makes wonder how i keep from going under
believe me

it takes writing rhyming timing
recording beat producing mixing
straight after mastering
you have to market promote and publish it
that means go back to rehearsalroom
and get ready for touring
week in week out
we have to make sure that everyones bouncing
me na want to chat on the net
too busy fi some fakebookfriends
no time to talk
no time to laugh
no time to make a rest
i m not available
after the peep leave me a message
you got less than a minute
the i have to go

i m like frank junior on the run
to reach me is not easy at all
catch me if u you can
text me or phone
in between two shows
or on the road
don´t take it personally
i´m busy permenantly
do my job seriously
so please stop bothering me
my buisnes takes time
busy with rhymes
that makes you feel alive
busy with styles
turn up your speakers
if you feel alright
that kind of buisness is no 9 to 5 life
people always ask me what`s your real job
dem wonder if i earn enough money at all


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