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There's a place we can go, Can't you see it,don't you know
Cause it's rising up just like heaven
I can see thru smiles
Of a face worn thru time
Say farewell,I see your pointed face of jealousy shine thru
The hate heind cold eyes the cause I never knew.
And from a place not beyond our own
The wolves of hades protect now your throne
And now you wait for the birth of a child
Infernal offspring to carry the line
The seeds are sown & the righteous cry shame
The thunder roars now in heaven
The mark of the Hammerhead is in your soul
Now you'll see,I see the poinetd face of jealousy shune thru
The hate behind cold eyes the cause I never knew
The pain of years pulsates thru my brain
My mind is tired I can't see thru the rain
But I will fight till my last breath
I'll make my peace & I'll never fear death
I still remember, The blood on his hands

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