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I stand here alone
And speak out for my kind, we're the ones
Who must fight for our crust
All men are born equal
Or so it is said, so why
Must we crawl in the dust
Are we so different
In the eyes of the world
That you jealously guard
The seeds you have sewn
What gives you the right to ignore that we're here
And retreat
To your mansions of stone
Eat the rich/Bow to your knees and relent
to your master untold
Eat the rich/Destroy at your ease a lifetime
that's born to be sold
Conservative views rearranged by the fact
That your lives
May be going too well
In your head there's a man who you wanted to be
But his eyes burn and bid you farewell
You never looked back since the day you were born
When your wealth was layed out at your feet
Inherited privileges rain from the sky
While the poor fight to make their ends meet
Lead Break
Men of the church kneel and worship
A man dressed in rags
Yet their statues are gold
His was the voice of the thousands that starved in the
Wastelands and slums
Yet his voice sounded cold
Back from the past ride the nobleman's ghost
From an age
Filled with cruel decay
The wealth you've acquired turns your nose to the air
When asked why
You've nothing to say
and end.

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