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One Hundred Years - text


i carved my name in the summer (of two thousand and two)
into the trunk of a great tree i lay down under (and soon)
i fell asleep for a hundred years (next thing i knew)
i awoke in the future

entire cities of old folks homes
in every household a hospital bed for everyone
they laid me down and they stripped my clothes
gave me a shirt that said “i survived my own life”

it was cold

they said our limbs cause us too much pain
so they cut off my arms and they cut off my legs
now i’m wandering around and i feel out of place
i would like to go back to my home

i told you i told you
i have nothing left with which to hold you
i lean up against you
we need heat where we’re gonna go
(i have been there i should know)

it was cold

and we were old we were old
we were shedding our skins like some cold blooded animal
all looking for love in the mirror but you know

that you’re on your own
you keep yourself
you live alone

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