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Tears on the Runway Pt. 1 (featuring Nylo) - text

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Humble as she was I know she'd seen some better days
And I bet in a way she probably feels so afraid
Wouldn't hesitate to tell me that I'm fake
But I guess I couldn't blame her
She said I'm just another beauty queen
And I know that it seems
Like imma put out for every fuckin' dude in town
I want to apologize for every man
And I wanna kiss your scars, pretend they never happened
You will escape the tears on the runway
I won't let you down
He won't let me down
He said to have faith
Could've read it off the page
You're a gentleman cause that's what all the gentlemen say
I bet you talked to me cause you saw my personality
From across the hall yeah
Does it look like I believe that it must've been
My heart of gold you saw
Could've spared me all the lines
Could've just said hi
You will escape the tears on the runway
I won't let you down
You know I want you but I, I wanna trust you but I
You won't take no for an answer
It's been weighing on my mind
Just wanna do this right

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