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I can think of a couple of ways to
Make it feel like a couple of days went by
That he didn't even cross your mind
He gave her the dough, and he gave her the Prada
But you gonna' need a man
To show you how to love
A couple of nights, with a couple of knives
Cutting rugs down the boulevard
How do you feel, it's how we feel

When we dance, so slow
By the way we dance, you'll know

Put your hands down by your waist side
You can be my Kelly Kapow (Kapowski)
Like we're going to Bayside
Get it, school prom wanna put it on
Try to take it slow, but it's poppin' off tonight
I wanna keep it one hunned, cause I don't wanna lie
I'm losing my mind when I'm kissing down your spine
And it feels like the first time
I really wanna give it to you till you can't take it no more

When we dance, so slow
By the way we dance, you'll know
So slow, we will go so slow

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Leave Your Love (EP)

Tyler Carter texty

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