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Sayonara Tokyo - text


Sometimes you were tender, so tender to me
But I was lookin' for freedom...just had to be free
Like a baby with a new toy...i was too young to know
I was livin' in a dream world where real love can't grow
Now it's...

Sayonara tokyo
It's goodbye forever. I'll never be back. never be back
Sayonara tokyo
We cannot live in a memory
I'm lookin' for love where it finds me
Sayonara tokyo
Time is a train on a one-way track
I'm goin' away to the cold north

Now it seems such a long time when the miles come between...
The many nameless faces and the places I've seen...
Bringin' yesterday's memories so clear to my mind
I can finally see where my heart was blind
But it's...

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