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Just a girl trying to get enough
Standing in a doorway
Living on the dark side down
Leaning out a window
Bending to the sunlight sound
Watching out for strangers
Always keep a light on
Not afraid of danger
Not afraid of no one
Just a girl in the usual way
Just a laugh when there's nothing to say
Just a gasp at the end of the day
Just a breath that can take you away
Crack the door, try to get enough air
Make a break, turn your back if they stare
Pick a lock at the edge of despair
At the point where you wonder what's there
Just a girl trying to get enough
Running into mirrors
Following the long way round
Swallowing the rumors
Nothing's gonna take me down
Bleeding in the shadow
Colors fade to dull brown
Leaves that fall unanswered
Twisting to the cold ground
Never turn at the sound of my name
Never flinch when I'm losing the game
Never blink when I'm caught in a dare
Never ache to belong anywhere
in a world where the weather goes sour
In a room you can rent by the hour
In the worst kind of mood to get through
In the way that I feel I'm with you

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