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Set out from the Doorin shore
In the shallows
A calm that spread from the north
To the south shoals
A dot on the endless sky
The storm came upon our sights
Tomorrow will come
But not for you young ones
No I won't heed your warn
I'll battle the wave and the storm
I'll stand alone
In Cobh we spent the night
Sate with Abbot's ale
Lay down with the lass
Alas my eyes did fail
On the road the following morn'
The robbers came upon nay warning
Mates made for the trees
And left me on my knees
I'll not cede this gold
I've come too far to roll
I'll stand alone
Settled on the shores Adare
The place that I was born
The past had left me bare
No will to fight any more
The brigands rang the bell
Ships came in without warning
The years that I was brave
The soldiers and the slave
The battle lays for me now
I know not where nor how
I’ll stand alone
I’ll stand alone
I’ll stand alone
I’ll stand alone

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