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I should have knew she was a freak by the way she walked
And when I talked to her, it was like she never got caught
To this day, she swear to God it wasn't shit
Unless she straight up just tripped and fell up on a fat dick
I know I been around the block a few times
So I really didn't mind that her mouth had some stretch lines
She had me thinking I'm a straight up mack
When in fact, I'm just another who can hit it from the back
And attack her intestinal track and leave a puddle of spat
Down the middle of her pimpled asscrack
And then smack, I had to give that bitch a black eye
Because the pussy just don't feel right, don't know why
I thought I was the shit and had this all on lockdown
Come to find out that my girl's just a cock hound
I couldn't deal with it, I had to bail out quick
Because that bitch just love sucking strange dick
[Chorus: repeat 2X]
She said I'm the only one
Said I'm the only one
Said I'm the only one
What up young freaky freak tantalizing tender?
Ain't seen you in a week and you know I'm on the tether
Whatever. I'm free at 3:45, remember?
I'll call you around 8 o'clock and we can get together
Damn, now this bitch she should do a thing or two
Grabbed my meat and did the electric boogaloo
Aww shit, What the fuck she did?
Had my nuts kick stepping and my wang did the jig
That ain't shit, check it out homie
Pull my wallet out my pocket and check my I.D
Fo' sure, man; just to make sure it's me
And I'm a Michiganny coming straight from the D'
We dicked it up (yeah!), we dicked it down (yeah!)
I hit it from the back, she gave me reaches around
But fuck all that, instead I gave her a call
(Hello?) ...Paul!?
Son of a bitch
This bitch got big ole hickies on her neck and dick on her breath
Trying to kiss me talkin' bout ''hey boo, what the
fuck's wrong with you?'' (dumb bitch)
You could have brushed your teeth after lickin' his balls
You could have had the decency to give me a call
I was worried like a mother fucka hoping you was straight
(While you was sucking and fucking some strange trouser snake?)
I thought I was the only python in your thong, bitch
That's the same pussy that I put my fucking tongue onto it
Exactly how long that this been happening?
You going to random men just for action
What am I?
Some kind of dumb lame fuck? Or just another dick in your butt?
Say something!
Were you trying to crush my heart just for fun?
It was my fault for thinking when I thought I was the only one

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