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Put me on public display and showcase
So there's an equal opportunity for everyone to hate me
I know you think it's a lie and it's a scam
Fuck the music, fuck the time, and fuck who I am from where I stand
We digest shit like flies on trashcans
Overseers of the east revive when on pentagrams
Time to open your mind possessed by the rhymers
eventually how they wind up
Damaged, innocence isn't a friend
So it's hard to overlook and pretend where it all started
Half hearted and semi skilled still today
unfuckwithable and unreal
Unbearable and unheard, unmentioned and disrespected
I'm on levels and just words
Subtract us and rob us of our confidence
But obstacles and booby traps are hateration nonsense
Now on the other end of this microphone
(Is the problems of a man whose mind is fucked up!)
And on the other side of the speaker spark
(Is a nation that don't give a fuck You think we don't care)
Now on the other end of the raps we spit
(You can see that we don't give a shit, I think you don't care)
And on the other side of the music we play
(I question if you still relate, can you, can you relate?)
Now I been both punked and spit on
Laughed at and hit on
You never had a clue that you were fucking with a time bomb
Now people see me on the streets and wanna talk
But when I lived right down the block though it was never worth the walk
And I ain't gotta talk, all I had to do was sit and listen
Home in the dark while you hope that I diminish
And when I finish the judge will give me twenty years flat
Cause I went up in the studio and murdered a track
You got me pissed off and angry
You thought this would change me?
You gotta come better than that, I ain't afraid
See your pit bulls are dead and we're the only dogs left instead
To rightfully guide the misled
It's been ten long years and all my blood, sweat, and tears
Is the reason I'm standing right here willing to die for mine
Blinded by the shadows of crooks
Another day another page in the book
[Monoxide & Madrox: repeat 4X]
Are you ready?
Seeing for who we are we ain't hidin no more, we right here
Are you ready? Do you relate to the pain
and what we're saying in the music that you claim to hear

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