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Smoke a square and then prepare yourself
Monoxide, monox-boogie, mo diddy mo somthin. Smoke somthin
smoke a square bitch. Me and Violent J
I'm the wickedest of wicked and by far I'm destined for greatness
killin off you people who hate this
Now you can wait to sing the top notch mag or book
and we stil gon give you fags a look
Bitch boy I'm gay bashin, consume my gun
I never hated fags till I got sued by one
My mental picture is paintin me something ugly
and I still don't understand how my hands got all bloody
It's the Juggla. A Juggalo role model
I stab people in the neck with a broken beer bottle
And then you meet me and expect a nice guy
you're lucky I aint stuck a screwdriver in your eye yet
Houndogs, when I sign an autograph
I see you chopped up in my tub soakin in a blood bath
with demons pissin on ya like ''rock the dead!''
oh shit thoughts in my head
I'm getting blew the fuck out, with my homie Violent J
and we don't give a fuck bout nothing you bitches say
We speak the word of the unheard and mystified
and when you see us huggin momma give her a kiss goodbye
It's a long dark ride where you goin and ain't no huggin back
I'm the reaper in this bitch and ain't no comin back
My tounge in fact can seal the casket
and spit some shit so off the R.I.P. it's a classic
Shut the fuck up when we speakin, biatch
I guess your momma never taught you shit
We stab individuals in they fatal spot
You got 9 lives well I got 10 shots
I remember when we first got started
clown paint and Faygo, you though we was retarded
finally got you in the front row, wild
now I go and do it again with Zug Izland
Im'a axe toter, Uz'a deepthroater
wouldn't know a juggalo if I showed ya
Shadow this, my reflection still cast
a demon with green ounce behind stained glass
I see spirits and I talk to people that ain't there
they seem to vanish in thin air
Why don't ya, get ghost homie, raise up
while me and Violent J roll the weed and blaze it up (what!)
Real ass juggalos is I care about
fuck everybody else and I don't wanna hear about
and I don't give a fuck if you know someone that's down
I'll grab you by your neck and fling your fuckin head around
I sign nothing, fuck takin a picture, fuck shakin you hand
I'll pull you at me and hit ya
then I kick your fuckin guts in until your ribs break
There's you're mother fuckin handshake

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