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[Chorus 1x]
How does it feel to be you?
How does it feel to feel the way you do?
Its so decessive.
And I dont care if you like or you hate me.
I know you motherfuckers bound to underrate me.
[Jamie Maddrox]
Lookin through the window as the moon strikes the ground.
Wind blowin into the trees makin irriating sounds.
Like the boys in the back of my head, but im immune.
To the confined, but dragulous tune.
Night grave man made ?
Childs of the night sendin shocks through your body.
Fatter than papperazzi
Speak softly or back up of me.
? before I gaze in your eyes and blow your mind.
What I depicted is ? and addicted.
Frequently being described as being twiztid.
Or wicked.
Predicted many sites scene happenings alikes.
Perform on a daily in disguise.
Sinister tell the minister.
To bless my soul.
Momma maybe mine broke and went outta control.
Smash the remote control.
Through television screens.
Blame it on a movie or a dream.
Its all the same.
Mind games even apologies paralyzed.
Swollen little brain mismerized.
Then he dies.
Left only in a world full of hate.
Body rots away, what is mine incubates.
[Chorus 1x]
[Monoxide Child]
They label me a paranoid schizophrenic.
Known on this planet.
For two things, talkin shit and automatic.
Mind gets tragical a little walk through the woods.

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