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Sudden terror splits the calmness
Thirteenth hour visions
Schizophrenia, something's restless
Freezing then I'm burning
Watch the windows, watch the doorway
Strange manifestations
Peering through the drawing me closer
Hourglass of quicksand
Fate's unknowingly frozen
My eyes just can't believe
Soul of someone or something
Show yourself to me
If I call out to you would you come shining through
Form filled out of the darkness
Love-lit violet eyes
Sold my soul in a moment
To follow you around
And it seems vain pursuit is the best I can do
A white shadow moves under the moonlight
Who whispers aloud betrothed to night
While lady won't you walk with me a while
Miss Crestfallen are you dying on inside
If O slipped away would you come to stay
Two hour hands entwined
Or was the wishing well a place to dwell
For two creatures of our kind
Death deceiver, make believer
Mist-witch of the nighttime
Make me crazy, maiden save me
Won't you cut my life line
(repeat chorus)
Sullen rapture, fire exciter
Walk me through the garden
Take me to the place where stands
Your hundred year old headstone
Tangle of spells, double death knells
Chiming through the churchyard
Splattered blood-red early sunset
Clock ticks towards disaster
(repeat chorus)

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