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In a place where the night's forever
And the wolves will never dare
There's an evil magic in the air, beware!
There's a price for those who wonder
What lies within the wizard's lair
Into the night on a fateful journey
Never to return
Beyond the edge of the wild
Into the clutch of the wizard
Woe oh oh, there's no return
Dark cries and witch's laughter
Mocking you for the truth you're after
Another fool ignored the oracle
Another life to increase the power
Steal their souls and erase their minds
See his fire pierce the midnight sky!
In the cult of the wizard
Enchantment tempts all those who've seen
In the sign of the dragon
A dream trance draped in mystery
In the cult of the wizard
Where your mind is part of his machine
In the sign of the dragon
Oh the children will never be seen again

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