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As the smoke clears all the children's tears, turn to dust in the wind
The taker of life, a sacrifice, we know the end is near
In the distant haze the fires blaze, burning down all that remains
A wizard's greed the ball has foreseen, what this world will be
And the witch's eyes burn
It's the year of the dragon it's the time of the beast
Witches and warlocks are gathering to feast
On the screams of their victims in the night
The sand in the hourglass is running fast, no one knows how long it will last
Because dreams never to come the witch's eyes
Nowhere to run to, there's now where to hide
There is no escaping the torment inside, that your life was only a dream
Now your life is fading away
Satan laughing seals your fate
Of burning in the flames
In the witch's eyes

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