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Back before the dawn
of recorded history
When men were judged by
honour, battle scars and deeds
I was known to all as
marching death
Now there's nowhere
for you to go
Be counted, fight for victory,
you shall beg
Escape my wrath, or fall to
my blood greed
Die! Or surrender, there's
a line drawn in the sand
When it's time to run or die,
make your Final Stand
Black as midnight massacres,
fuel my hate
Hollow as the forms, that now
lie scattered in my wake
Smell the stench of death
it's calling me!
I'm not a hero, have
I finally gone insane?
Why must I take
away tomorrow?
Killing doesn't ease the pain
Only death will comfort me
Years can't make memories fade
That fateful day that
blackened me
Swift as a raven I fly
Smashing down those
who face me!
Save me from myself!
Come to the place below
and see all the dark things
Make your Final Stand!

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