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Riders of the Imperial Guard - text

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Fearless and angry they rode
Their horses black as night
The earth trembled beneath their feet
And none did stand in their way
In numbers full fifteen hundred
Their might greater than mountains high
Cursed by the heavens, blessed with disease
Immortal were their names
Riders of the imperial guard
heroic and brave like the kings of the realm
Riders of the imperial guard
bravery adorn their resolute hearts
The blood ran red at the kiss of the sword
It's victims fell dead to the ground
They smiled with a baleful glare
It soothed their hearts to se them die
Banners were broken shields were crushed
Leaving black scars on the earth
They screamed their hate at the uncaring sky
Their souls were daemonised
Their office at hand they served in faith
Their loyalty pledged to the king
Clad in the finest silks and leather
Victory they would bring
The bliss of triumph remained in their hearts
Blackened and vicked they would not repent
Their path once so bloody now at peace
And only soilence remained

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