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Reflection of the Cuckoo - text


Just an avarage day
Killing time away
Or at least that's what we thought it'd be
But little did we know
It was just about to show
We hit the road with a nice thrilling feel and an ace up our sleeve

Reflections of the cuckoo (cuckoo)
Expecting the night
Revealing things for those who...

Dare to dwell into the unknown regions with delight
And face the demons that might haunt you in your life
And tame the monster deep inside...

We strayed into the wild
Ignorance on our side
Was left behind as we mounted the wave sweeping reason away

Reflections of the cuckoo (cuckoo)
Blown out of your mind
Reflections of the cuckoo
Flown out of this time
Reflections of the cuckoo
Gone way out of line
Reflections deep inside you...

...The unknown regions with delight
With no demons haunting your life
Tamed the monster deep inside
Absolved ourselves from earthly bounds
In hiding from the chasing hounds
Two psychics travelled all around

Open the gates of perception and time to see the light
Hidden far beyond your mind
In lucid sensual dimensions the sights emerge so bright
Can you hear the cuckoo calling, calling?

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