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Not a Word - text


Way too restless, in suspense
When the voices begin
All the whispers in silence
He just took it on a chin

Defense turned to violence
Laying face down on the sand
Those whispers in silence
He couldn't understand ...not a word

Not a word!

From the hidden moaning to a hopeless wiping screams
Face down on a shoreline, it was not like how it seemed

With all the passion drowning
Leaving nothing but a doubt
"Soon you're buried six feet under
There's nothing to talk about!"

...not a word

Clench your fist
Close your eyes
Be mesmerized
Hit me hard
Do not miss
Before the last one

I'll just keep my mouth shut
Till the last cut
Hit me hard - do not miss
Before the last kiss

There is no one left to blame
Everything you say just makes me shiver
Abandoned drifter, now naked to the bone
Dreams feeling like the enemy

The King gave away his throne
That's not the way he chose it
That's not the way he planned
Still shouting, now in the dark
He just couldn't understand... not a word

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