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Far Beyond the Edge of Sanity - text


Ivy's creeping on the tombstones
The moon is the only light
A chilling breeze makes the leaves sing
Not a living thing in sight

A dog's bark in the distance
The sweet smell of damp and carcass
Tonight the living dead will arise
And the living alive with pay the price
Are you prepared for hellnight

Far beyond the edge of sanity
Turning life into corpse tit high velocity
Far beyond the edge of sanity

Beast from the dark side walks the night
Seek their prey white the city's asleep
The grasp of the twilight tightens
They're alt having the same bad dream
Can't get out of this nightmare

Far beyond the edge of unity
Turning life into corpse in high velocity
Far beyond the edge of sanity

When your want nightmares turns preposterous, evil and difficult to decipher.
It is the never ending wandering lost souls of the twilight
Who entered your sanity

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