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Wade into the water,
Step into the beauty of the sun,
Remember why you came here,
To realize the truth,
Forever home.

And they will haunt you,
'Til the morning breaks,
You breached their trust,
And sealed your fate,
Ride the wave.

You best make your move,
And get while the getting is good,
When all have abandoned hope,
I still search for you,
Lost in the groove,
Your heart remains unmoved,
When I could abandon hope,

I still search for you,

I still look for you.

Listen to the water,
Merge into communion with the source.

Feel you drop,
I pick you up,
I could almost swear I felt us float,
To the top,
From rock bottom,
And there,
We melt like summer.

You are my oxygen.

Text přidal Vulkanit

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