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Swept away by the river now
Confound me
Sound me out now

Like a crayon in your hand
And who's little girl are you now?
Oh, I'd ask for this dance
But I know you play like you don't know how

What your coarse smile exposes?
A recent memory of when we shit off in a house awhile
And I know the woman shining down
Enough for all now

So for who?
So for who?

Beneath the cigarettes and sugar shit of alcohol breath
I can taste the ocean on your tongue
Remember when we sat on the side walk of your cold block
Against the wall, under the stars talking about love meaning
Well, I wasn't dreaming

I meant every word
Just to know your demons
Do you know mine, babe?
Are we wastin' time, babe?

On dead life
Broken spirits
Just trying to get high

Yeah, we chose these cards but the weather changed
And the river froze, and went it thawed
It was runnin' backwards and dry now
I suppose it's appropriate to cry now

Oh, wasted time and naked lies
Still get wasted sometimes

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