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I've got rustled hair and my best shirt lying on the floor
And you're still in my bed
It's barely light out
But there's an aching in my head
Left from the night before
I forget how you prefer your coffee
Pardon me
It's been awhile since our last mistake
And you're still lying there so delicate
Like glimmering glass
You're porcelain and I'm afraid to break
And knew that you were gone
The moment I walked in
Figured there's no need to wait around
And talk about the sins that we committed
Or the ones still yet to come
So we skipped the awkward goodbyes
You never were one for convention
And I hope someday we meet again
Under different circumstances maybe
Maybe just as friends
Because as lovers I shattered you
And even though you'll never see it
Picking up the pieces cut my hands up too

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