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I learned my limit in the back of a Camry from Rockaway
She had salt in her hair and blood on her feet that day
Left a trail that I followed down the shore before the foam wiped away
Cauterized in sand and tugging at my hand through the patchwork

Ooh, like runaways from workaday to Rockaway

With a cool breath to greet you the sun runs espionage
As beige geometry cedes to fields of decoupage
From a bag in a box in a bag to a bottle my mind wiped away
Darkness in reverse - with me at my worst, she held me

Ooh, like runaways from railways to Rockaway

I learned my limit in the back of a Camry I don’t recall
At the time I’d have cited some red-headed reason
Was it just to feel, or not to feel at all I was leaving?

Ooh, like runaways from blue and gray to Rockaway

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As Good A Place As Any

Joshua Lee Turner texty

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