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All right -
He's in my mind -
And above all time -

Sky-cycle across the chasm -
Evel Knievel's last spasm -
Rocket through death's door -
While leather was all he wore -

Searching for the ultimate red-out -
Didn't die from no headshot -
Master of the mighty G-force -
Ultimate search for the ultimate lifeform -

The white knight -
Of the far right -
The white knight -
Of the far right -
The white knight -
Of the far right -
But still allright -

Ubermensch -
[8x] -

All right -
He's out of line -
And he's out of time -

Pouring rain in the desert sun -
Wilhelm Reich the chosen one -
Master of the mighty force of Orgone -
Gay Edgar Hoover -
Masturbating on his phone -

Red fascists kicked him out of Oslo -
Donald Sutherland -
Portrayed him in a Kate Bush video -
Bitter love, preaching human dignity -
Wrote a book about nazi sexuality -

Nazi sexuality -
[4x] -

Nasty -

Ubermensch -
[8x] -

Ubermensch -
On the edge -
Ubermensch -
No regrets -
[4x] -

Mensch -

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Never Is Forever

Turbonegro texty

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