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Here you are stabbing
A stake into my heart
Life is flashing before me
As you tear it apart
For the blood I've spilled
For the humans I've killed
Agnus dei, qui tollis
Peccata mundi miserere nubis
Donna nubis pacem
Witnessed sadness in their eyes
As I hear their final cries
Witnessed sadness in their eyes
Pleading me to spare their lives
Being a vampire
Is not as fascinating
As it may seem
At first it felt
As if it were only a dream
For centuries I was forced
To live in darkness
Unable to feel the suns warmness
Fast the dawn comes I sleep upstairs
And under graves
Dreaming of oceans and
it's crushing waves
Witnessed sadness in your eyes
As you're running out of life
Time and time again
I've tried to understand why
Now thanks to you
I shall finally die

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