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I woke early morning
The world lay fresh and still
As rapidly a little bird
Came hovering on my window sill
He sang a song so pretty
So cheerful and so free
And suddenly my grief
Began to slip away
He sang of distant spaces
Of laughter and of fun
It seemed his happy whistle
Brought up the morning sun
I stirred beneath the covers
Crept slowly out of bed
I harshly shut the window
And crushed his little head
When the night is black
The morning is darker
With an evident lack
Of a smile and a laughter
Take step by step
Move on my way
No turning back
Overcoming the day
Seeing little white feathers
Floating across the window
Seems to cheer up my mood as
It looks so much like snow
As I look through the shade
There's an idea what is best
Since there is food ready made
Might as well have some breakfast

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