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Loving You Could Never Be Better - text

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Here we are again tonight alone just us two
Where the lights're dim and true love is coming through
There's no one else in this whole world as far as we're concerned
We built ourselves a fire so let it burn
Tomorrow night we'll meet again to once more fan the flame
Cause loving you the way I do stays the same
This love of ours is just as strong as any vow could be
And love could never be better for you and me
When you look at me like you do right now I go to pieces
Because I know what's on your mind it's just me
You've got that love-me-look in your eyes like you've had so many time and how
Loving you could never be better than it is right now
You've got that love-me-look...
Loving you could never be better than it is right now

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