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If You Touch Me (You've Got To Love Me) - text

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Well I packed his bags and kicked him out we were havin' bad times
Looking back I can see it was over nothin'
Since then there's been too much red wine and women messin' up his mind
But nothin' can compare with baby's lovin'
At two o'clock this mornin' he made up his mind
Said I'm goin' home to my sweet baby
He looked out the window at the city for the last time
Lord knows this life it'll drive him crazy
Well he walked out to the highway caught a semi headed home
I hope she'll take him back oh Lord he's prayin'
Now he's standin' at the front door and I'm here all alone
Then he heard his sweet baby sayin'
And I said if you touch me you've got to love me
And if you love me you'll have to stay with me forever
And I'll forgive you and love will be like it should be
So if you touch me you've got to love me
I said if you touch me you've got to love me

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