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Battlefield 1 song: ON THIS BATTLEFIELD - text


They blame the pain on the arms race
that bled the globe for four years straight
they went to war but the war changed
this was The Great War as they say

So let's play, propelled planes and flamethrowers
obtain the trains, tanks, it ain't over
ordain the campaign for takeover
maintain your flakes or it's game over

Unchain the sword play and slay soldiers
we purvey their dooms day and reign over
a stray grenade breaks your face
and sprays in your brain, gateway to a hangover

Trenches sculpted leave a torment
that will never heal
lead them bolted down for slaughter
on conveyor wheels
Every contry's sons and daughters
know how cattle feel
even winners lose themselves
on this battlefield

Legends born, lives are torn
when the world goes to war

Populations set to wane
nations decay as their flags wave
no sun today, smoke from Zeppelins
make black holes of skies, gentleman jettisoned

Sometimes I feel like the dirt walls are closing in again
the lines of sight have not been kind to many fallen men
the smell of chemicals breeds devils in my abdomen
pretend like this is not the end, my hope becomes my medicine

I jump sending my bones
to hurtle a stone's throw
up over this cold earth
choke and than go prone
I'm met with a flame, blazing
holes in the ozone
just like that my only moment
of courage is postponed

But I'm pushing forward
the hell with this bell toll
winning this thing's my only keep
from this hell hole
The way out's a long road
paved solely in dead foes
it's their soles or mine
and I'm gonna get home

Legends born, lives are torn
when the world goes to war

Tensions tear tendons
trough despair
heroes born and bred
on this battlefield
Stand at attention
and prepare
to march to your death
on this battlefield
a brave man parade
blunt force, maces cave
on this battlefield
Sending them all
to the grave
so we can walk away
from this battlefield

Legends born, lives are torn
(lives are torn, lives are torn)
when the world goes to war
(goes to war)

Legends born, lives are torn
when the world goes to war

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