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Hunters Of Doom - text


Now fallen angels rise in excommunication
unsheath the swords and wield the
shields above our battle cries
Angel soldiers
Stand tall and fight
The wicked cannot hide from the hunters of doom

Specters embrace the dark,
beckoning to draw us near
Dig in your heels and pray for
courage as you grip the steel
Pray for courage
Prepare to die
It's down to fight or flight for the hunters of doom

All hope inside that was a
flame now seems to flicker
The din of leather wings creeping
down until all faith has gone

The end of time is here
Welcome to Armageddon
In life or death I know that
freedom waits in victory

On death we ride
All demons stand aside for the hunters
Prepare to die
The wicked cannot hide from the hunters of doom

Text přidal Azazel-Andel

Video přidala Hellmuth

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