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Listen to the sound of the world below
Like a loud wailing chant without words
Listen to the sound of your earthly core
It withers and distorts in a pulsing disgust
Feel the aura coiling your weak vessel
Crushing the false strength of human essence
Feel the bloodrush and endless fury
Fill the empty vessel clear of all false knowledge
Hail the Fire of purification
And it's carrier eagles
Hail the nomads that shall inherit the barren existence
Hail the ultimate sacrifice of hearts of Black
Degeneration of man
Fall of Kings
Denial of faith
World under a blanket of ashes
Wail and weep, drown in Fire
Inhale the lies, breathe the smoke
In a whirlwind of past
Glorious wisdom, Fiery salvation!
Ocean of bones, ocean of Death
Sanctuary of true Light
and a silent womb
of rebirth and illumination!

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Aligned with the True Death


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