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Deep in the night,
When the moon doth wake,
They shall emerge once more.
Down from the hills,
They approach the town,
To commence their trollish brawl.
Deep at night the ground will quake.
None are left within their wake.
The Carnage of the Damned!
Their horrid fingers.
As big as Oaks,
For great fists of might.
Two giant beasts,
Tower above the towns,
They both lock horns and fight.
Sheep and cattle fly,
Tossed like stones across the sky.
Blood is shed by all,
None can tell which one will fall.
Tales of death and woe,
Flattened are the towns below.
The hills from whence they came,
Have room for only one to reign.
All through the night,
The chaos never ends,
Until one falls -
The Carnage of the Damned.
Their hellish roars,
Are heard throughout the land,
When will it end?
The Carnage of the Damned.

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