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Rum, pints and rumours
Are spilling fast tonight
Down in the dark end of town
A brave band of sailors
Catch a drunkard's tale
The likes that chills their very mortal souls
“Wives and daughters gone!
At night, their voices call...”
“Pain and sadness
Stop this madness
Find us help us
Hear our voices”
Their cries will bathe the shore.
And so we drink to the dolls of suffering
As their cries fill the toughest men with fear
And no one knows of this frightful mystery
Except a solitary foul smelling man they call The Squid
Who dare to knock,
No visitors I’ll see.
Leave now, go away,
Head back where you came.
What? No women here,
No more questions
Leave me be in solitude,
Find another to blame.
Clothes torn and tattered
Covering up his face
That guy was hiding something
We'll put him in his place
(How dare they knock,
Well soon they shall see
In time, I'll rise,
They'll remember my name.
Oh, here on my own
I have squandered
Soon my name will be in lights,
I will bathe in the fame)
“Under cover of night, the brave adventurers set sail towards the haunting screams out in the blackened abyss. As the cries get louder a cave emerges in the darkness ahead. They navigate its dangerous rocks and head inside...”
Welcome one and all! Roll up and see the dolls
They're whirling and their twirling will amaze your souls
Juggling and trapeze, they do it all with ease
You've never seen such talent in your lives!
Long we've sailed across the seven seas, never once have we seen a fouler man than thee.
Now we'll free all these women full of misery, they will not be your crooked toys again.
Far, far across the seven seas, all will hear of our brave and noble victory
No more lies from your rancid mouth of heresy, from your ropes and your ladders you will hang
The dolls of suffering!

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