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The Good, The Bad and the Gristle - text

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“Y'all go an' get back now ya hear...”
Now, here's a tale born of strife
Of how a town let pain and hunger thrive
It was 5 months into a horrible drought
And the town was starved and weak
When a strange old man with a caravan
Came to town to sell his treats
Oh, Come try these treats of meat
Made daily fast and fresh
Don't mind that rotten smell
“Made only from the best...”
Long we had lived on our fertile lands
Now our town is a den of dust and sand
For too long we've starved
Our people have halved
Long we'll strive till the evil leaves our land
Darkness falls on hungry mouths
The salesmen leaves the scene
The townsfolk chow on cured meat
A snack so dark and lean...
None ponder where this food is from
Despite the horrid drought
Till someone sees their graves are robbed
This meat is not from cow
“What have we been feasting on?!?”
For now we stand
Arm in arm,
Hand in hand!
If we look inside ourselves
We will rid our lands from the faces of evil.
For too long we have starved and toiled,
Today is the day we stand in triumph!
“I brought you aid, when you were in pain?”
Still our town is a den of dust and sand
“Why do me in? What good will that bring?”
Long we'll strive till the evil leaves our land

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