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The Circus of Misery - text

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Boils and Ghouls!
Gather round for what is sure to be
The time of your life!
None can compare for the frightening feats and
Daring acts we have in store for you.
It will no doubt leave a lasting impression!
Travelling every night,
Town to town they go,
Wreaking havoc with their show.
Beasts and creatures
Form the frightful troupe,
One grand act before they go.
Acts of death and spite -
Their speciality,
Leave the crowd in quite a state.
Screams as injured guests,
Flee to warn the town,
The circus leaves without a trace.
Come and see,
The Circus of Misery.
Come and see,
The Circus of Misery.
Yes! Haven’t we seen some
Exciting acts today ladies and gentlemen!
Don’t worry, we’ve locked the doors
So there’s no need to get out of your seats.
The next part of the show is something to behold,
But we’re going to need a volunteer.
How about all of you!
Men and women scream,
The circus fills with fear,
The beasts come at them swift and fast.
For the final act,
Requires human parts -
Against their will the crowd is cast.
Heads on poles,
Waving like dolls,
Beast and troll,
Cackle and hoot,
Juggling eyes,
Teeth fly,
Guts are tied tight.
What a success!
This show none can compare.
Not one soul left in their chair!
Come and see,
The Circus of Misery.
Come and see
The Circus of Misery.

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