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Hunting Tactics for Mythical Creatures - text


A creature from the plains in a far off land
Is caged by the hands
Of a greedy man of evil
Trapped and jeered to be sold for all to see
The beast is now a freak, at least that's what they call him...
They whip him when he don't dance!
“Someday i'm gonna find the strength to break this cage...”

Darkness falls all around
It waits in silence till it's keepers have left the grounds
Enraged it breaks it's cage into the night it flees
Not caring what trail it leaves...

Now he's free No bars of steel, no crowds to please
Fast, he flees
Soon they'll see their prized possession’s broke it's leash
They'll fume and steam!

“Find that freak!!!”

Now they hunt the beast


“I will not be caged, I will break these chains”

Now they shall know how it feels
To be made out the fool, what a wicked ordeal.
Fear will be seen in their eyes
If they don't leave me be, I will bring their demise

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