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Día de los Muertos
Celebration plans of
Decking out the desert in lights
Skulls line the streets with carnival treats
A ghoulish gathering on this night!
Fountains of tequila
As the sun begins to set
But soon their celebrations
May just go to their heads
Have you all forgotten
The one true meaning
Of our sacrificial festival
Too long
We've been
Unseen and forgotten
Let us come to show you how it's done!
Rising from the ground
Terror lurking nearer
Screaming at the night
Beast will bring its foul bite
¡Chup' Chup', Chupa' Chupacabra!
Blanket the town with the sound of death and slaughter
¡Chup' Chup', Chupa' Chupacabra!
¡Chup' Chup', Chupa' Chupacabra!
Sangre en la calle para siempre,
¡Loco! Loco! Ayudame!
Spines snapped, skulls cracked,
Colours on the streets that
Coat the floats and streamers as the
People run for their lives
Hear the sound of
Mariachi death-waltz
Castanets and chaos in the night
¿Cómo pueden las personas ser tan estúpido?
¿Ellos realmente quieren a morir?
Huir de las sombras de la noche
Corre por tu vida
¿Realmente desea morir?
¡Ay Ay Ay! My friends are slaughtered!
Men and woman lie in pieces on the ground!
How could we have been so stupid?!
Now there's none left in the town!

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