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Corpsefed Cauldron - text


Old and frail her hands,
From years of wicked plans.
The hag is weak,
New power she seeks,
To do all she commands.
A plan so dark and ghoulish,
That most have deemed it foolish,
A being forged,
From carcass and corpse,
To carry out her wish.

Through the woods,
The hag does tread,
Dead trolls she must find.
From out of limbs she'll craft a beast,
With magic she will bind.
Strong warrior legs,
Two goblin arms,
The body of a cavetroll,
A rotten head, a rancid heart,
A brain made out of soil.

Warriors of old,
Grant me power to bring light,
Into this foul abomination.
For too long men's greed has,
Shunned me away.
On this night,
I shall have my revenge.
Rise my beast, RISE!

How dare you wake,
A beast like me,
In such a state as this?
These parts aren't my own,
But I can still make fists.
For this you'll pay,
You mark my words,
for all your selfish hate.
So now this must end,
Prepare to meet your fate.

Text přidala Omeleta9

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