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A cue for seconds spent on Earth
A clue - for what it's worth
Though time you borrow, steal or buy
The pool of fuel runs dry

There's no sound - just the smell of smoke
Your muse - your fuse - your own
You'll love that scent until you choke
You're free but feel disowned

Curse all the colour
Go white - fear blue
Kill all your scarlings
Before they kill you

A mighty fortress is your lord
He'll care until he won't
And all your prayers and all your praise
Will do until they don't

It's the reason for every sin
The clever blew it
It's the difference you feel within
The devil knew it

So why keep tasting
Why keep wasting
Why keep waiting - for no one

Text přidala Heidi9

Video přidal DevilDan

Darkest White

Tristania texty

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