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Who is Trina? I'm sure thats not the only question you want answered.
Do you really wanna know what hard work is? Ask me and I'll tell you.
From nothing to something. If there is a will there is a way.
Traveling city to city, state to state.
Non stop shows, interviews all over the globe. I am Miami.
Magazine covers, gossips number 1 topic.
The life of the rich and famous.
Fans who can relate, from the begining to now.
Trashy mouth to sophicated ladies.
Not just a rapper, the business woman still standing.
When I've seen others come and go, I rise.
Grateful for my struggles and the road that I took.
It only made me stronger, it prepared me for this.
For the here and now. Focused and eager to learn.
Fast to teach, this is not a game.
This is my life.
Fairy tales dont exist over here.
Im a realist. and strong is just another statement to describe me.
Now I ask you the same question again.
Who is Trina? [laughs] she is amazing.
Im amazing. so amazing.
Im amazing. [x4]
First round pick, yup, the lucky lotto numbers 777.
The haters could never take me under promise if I fall, wont be down to long.
Ya pycis is wrong.
Tell that chick I sang this song.
I own the thrown any other chick she follow.
Im her role model.
I dont use a bottle, I breast feed the game like theres tommorrow.
I can tell you about pain.......bitches aint shit, niggas aint either.
Niggas want ya chick.
Betta watch the way you treat her.
You shouldn't have to beat her.
Lose her the way you meet her.
When a womans fed up better watch the way you treat her.
Im way past a diva, I'm outta ya league, I'm something ya need, front page something to read, I said [x2]
This is the life and I want to welcome you to amazing, amazing, [laughs] I'm amazing [X3] and I'm back [x4]

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