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And what I want to do, if it's alright with y'all,
I wanna bring the lights all the way down.
I love you too, baby, whoever said that.
How y'all feelin' tonight?
Make some noise please.
And what I wanna do right now is
I wanna illuminate the building.
Y'all already know what to do, shout
to everybody with their lights up.
Look at that, everybody got their lights out.
If you look around we're like stars in the sky,
everybody's a star here.
Nobody can stop you from taking over
the world if you wanna take over the world.
It's a reason we made y'all the last show
cause we know y'all was gonna be poppin'!
Make some noise!!! Y'all look so beautiful.
If you're having a good time tonight say,
"Hell yeah!" (Hell yeah!)
If you're having a good time tonight say, "Yeah!" (Yeah!)
Matter of fact, cut the music.
We're gonna take a little intermission

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