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Puka shells and marley keeps me warm
Being alone helps me appreciate solitude
Different music suites different moods
My attitude can change from rock to sweet blues
I enjoy cold lemonade on a hot day
Listening to jazz in the middle of the day
Surfing from dusk till dawn
Staying up late and playing guitar

Well nothing compares to these feelings that you give me
I feel like I have the whole world in hands when you're with me
When I'm lost somehow you find me

Everyday we find something new
Well this new day I found you
I found love and joy all in one
You sent me back where I once was
Feeling a natural high
Your eyes made me feel like I was in the sky
There just ain't anything else that compares to this taste

As you can see I'm head over heals
I got butterflies and sweet sweet vibes mounting up in my skin
All the rainy days are gone and the sun shines
Bright between your eyes and it spreads on to me

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