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See the day God let men shake hands
And aloud we meant to give birth
Is the day the devil stuck his flag in the ground
Declared it his turf
And at night he goes to sleep
But without cloths in his eye lids
Like a junky founded
Under the darks of Conie Island
And aw it's venomous yes, venomous yes
And no but were talkin' bout the devil
But have you come to expect
See there is some kind of outside
But the sky has yet to tell us
And it just keeps on rainin' bricks
And we've forgotten out umbrellas
Well I guess it's hard to see the devil
When he's wearing face paint
If you think you'll see him soon your bound to get impatient
You ain't a saint cause you a sinner like us
you see their ain't no proof that God exists but in God we trust
Venomous yes, venomous yes
Lord its so venomous venomous
Venomous yes, venomous yes
Lord its so ven-o-mous yes
Venomous yeah yeah yeah
He was spotted yesterday
Somebody sound that alarm
He was founded in his closet
With a needle in his arm yeah
Venomous yes, venomous yes
Lord its so ven-o-mous yes
Venomous yes, ven-o-mous

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