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10th Grade Love - text


Tried to find your face
A thousand pictures flipped
But yours just ran away
Something in the air
It lacks a special touch
A smile that's left wide open
Sit down next to Russ
It's OK

Laughed it over
Thought about it for a little while
Can't you throw me
If I stepped over
All these things that you didn't like
Keep them all under light

Will you rise above
My 10th grade love?

Don't know how to fake
I'm kinda stupid 'bout you, guess you can't relate
One thing is clear
You've been lost in me
For such a long time now
I'll get some room to breathe
If that's ok

Having five stars
Hanging down over top of those
Dark brown earth shoes
I like
Waiting for you
At the place with a cigarette
Stamped all over your lies

Will you rise above
My 10th grade love?

Will you rise above
My 10th grade love?

Text přidal Andrejevic99

Video přidal Andrejevic99

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