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Nothing But Net - text


[Pre-Hook - Young Thug:]
I might use the bitch for a cook
I might use the bitch for a shooter
But used to was a rooster
Aye, blat

Fuck that other side, nigga, fuck that other side
We don't play that shit
Grab your girl, tell your bitch to quit playin'
Later we gon' play that shit
It's all good, it's alright
Plenty bitches down to ride
And if it all goes down

[Verse 1 - Young Thug:]
ABC, about to cum
She like children on her tum'
I come red like I'm a narc
Inhalin' kush with my lungs
Covered in green like a fuckin' iguana
End of the day I'm the mo'fuckin' boss
Like the fuckin' your honor
I got Travi$ Scott inside the spot
And he leanin' like a mothafucka
I feed bitches rocks, and load the Glocks
And now she feinin' like a mothafucka
Her ass fat so she teasin' like a mothafucka
Booty call, nigga greasier than a mothafucka
Hey, I wanna eat the little mothafucka
Icy water, Fiji, mothafucka



Nothin' but net
Nothin' but net
Nothin' but net
Nothin' but net

[Verse 2 - Travi$ Scott:]
Last call, last call for the weed and alcohol
Last call for you to slip out them drawers
Girl I need it right now, get your ass in this stall
We ain't got time to stall
These niggas got me pissed off
Sippin' so long, girl I'm pissin' Cristal
Sippin' and swervin'
My words don't know if I crashed into a pool or her jaw
Pops never home, left a long term
On the back when a lil' nigga had to sit and deal with
Loner turned rock star, nigga, under the moon
Got the world in my palm, 'bout to rub her pussy with it
When you dominate it come with digits
Let her see the Tempur-Pedic
Bend it over, beat it, skeet it
Then delete it, then repeat it
Then repeat it, then she told me...



Text přidal CrusaderPaja

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